How To's

After The Installation Of Your Stinger Drive There's Very Little You Need To Do For Maintenance.

Caring for your Stinger gearbox is quite simple really. All you need to do is change the oil at regular intervals.
We recommend that the oil be changed after the first 10 hours of use and then every 40 hours or every year thereafter. Which ever occurs first.

Changing the oil is easy. It requires one (1) quart of 75W-140 synthetic gear lube, any name brand oil is acceptable. We do however recommend the use of Amsoil Severe Gear 75W-140 gear lube. It's available at most major auto parts stores or you can order it from us here.

The gearbox has three plugs: drain, sight/level and fill. Only the drain and fill plugs need to be removed for service.

Remove the drain and fill plugs and allow a few minutes for the oil to drain. Clean the drain plug thoroughly and re-install.
Do not torque the drain plug to over 25 ft/lbs.

Fill the gearbox with one (1) quart of 75W-140 gear lube and torque the fill plug to not over 25 ft/lbs.

Soft Drive Plate Installation

Safety First! Disconnect the batteries!

Remove the spark plugs to aid in turning the engine over.

Install the soft drive bushing bolts through the backside of the flywheel, (closet to the engine).

Install an orange soft drive over the bolt, large steel shouldered side first so that it rests against the flywheel.

Next, install a flat washer and lock nut. Torque to 45 - 50 ft/lbs.

Next in line install a green soft drive bushing bolt, bushing, washer and lock nut and torque to 40 - 50 fl/lbs.

Repeat until all 3 orange bushings and all 3 green bushings are installed in an alternating pattern and torqued .

Click Here for complete Stinger Soft Drive installation instructions.