Stinger Gearboxes and Services

Our Product Line

We offer Hard Drive gearboxes, Soft Drive Gearboxes and Experimental Aircraft gearboxes with 1.54, 1.73, 2.09, 2.38, 2.55, 2.68 and 2.88 ratios.

Currently all new gearboxes are built to order due to the volume of work we have.

The case of the gearbox is cast from 356 T6 heat-treated aluminum. Our large helical cut gears are heat-treated to ensure durability as well. Our careful assembly process sets the gears at zero lash for quiet running.

The gearbox cases can be polished to a chrome like finish for an additional $350.
(May add up to 10 days to the build time).


Our gearboxes are known to last for thousands of hours with proper maintenance, but eventually they do wear out. Send us your gearbox and we'll rebuild it from the ground up. A rebuild from us includes:

  • Completely disassembling the gearbox.
  • Thoroughly cleaning and carefully inspecting every part.
  • Bead Blasting the case, (if it's not a polished one), and thoroughly cleaning it again.
  • Carefully polishing the shafts.
  • Replacement of all bearings and seals.
  • Reassembling the case and pressure testing.
  • Reinstalling adapters and drive plate.
  • And of course we carefully box up your gearbox and ship it back to you.

Due to the continuing cost increases and changes that we pay for parts from our vendors we are asking our customers to call for the cost of a gearbox rebuild. If after tear down any additional parts beyond normal are found to be damaged beyond repair we will notify you before moving forward with the rebuild with the cost of the additional replacement part or parts.
A one (1) year warranty is included on all rebuilds as well as our Limited Lifetime Warranty against manufactures defects.

To schedule a rebuild please contact one of our Dealers or contact us directly.



We can repair Leaking Seals, a Damaged Drive Plate or Stripped Threads.
Call or email today.

  • Input or Output seal replacement.
  • Drive plate damage? Let us inspect it. Some damage can be repaired and costs vary. If your drive plate is damaged beyond a safe repair we can replace it.
  • Stripped threads in your Soft or Hard Drive Hub can be drilled and re-threaded or can be replaced.
    Input Drive Hub replacement, call for price.
    Propeller Hub replacement, call for price.

*Shipping to/from our shop is not included in above repairs.*
**If you would like to bring your gearbox to us directly for any of the repairs above please contact us for an appointment. Most repairs only take an hour.**


Stinger Drives, Inc. recommends running a JW Performance Flywheel on all of our gearboxes. "The Wheel" precision-machined flywheels are manufactured using .188" chrome moly steel and feature double-welded ring gears and high quality steel centers.

"Flex-Plates" are prone to cracking. If the crack goes unnoticed it could cause severe damage to the gearbox and/or engine. Protect your investment with a JW Performance Flywheel.

Please contact us by phone or email to order your JW Performance Flywheel.


Stinger Drives, Inc. is an authorized dealer for Sensenich and Whirlwind propellers. Both are leaders in the design and production of high performance, high quality propellers.

For propeller recommendations and pricing please contact us by phone or email.

Soft Drive Plate Installation

If your gearbox has a Hard Drive plate and you would like to replace it with a Soft Drive plate we would be happy to install it for you. All you need to do is get your gearbox to us, (either drop it off or ship it) and buy the Soft Drive Kit. We will install your new Soft Drive for free!

The Soft Drive Kit is available for purchase here.

We offer this installation service for free to ensure that the drive plate swap is done correctly the first time.
Swapping out the drive plates sounds easy in theory, but trust us, it's harder than it looks to get it right.